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PNC & KR College & School of Nursing


PNC & KR College & School of Nursing was started by S.V.P.N.C & K.R. Educational Society. Our Educational Society have good Educational values. It was established during the year 2003.

It has the best name & fame in the society than any other colleges. The main moto of the PNC & KR College & School Nursing is to bring out qualified Nurses with good Nursing skills and also to provide high quality Nursing care for the patients who extend their arms for health care.

The health care system in India has witnessed an unprecedented boom in the last decade primarly due to the affordability, accessiblity and quality health care being availbale to the people across the country. Today, India boasts of the finest people in the profession both as doctors, nurses and other support administrative staff.

The boom in the health care industry has fuelled a new and frowing demand for quality nursing staff to effectively design and manage the hospitals in the both the secotrs - public and private. Apart from this, globally the requirement of Nurses is on the rise thanks to their efficiency and effectiveness coupled with deep sense of commitment and dedication to the profession.

Keeping this in mind, the P.N.C. & K.R. SCHOOL/COLLEGE OF NURSING has been started by a committed group of professionals, who are dedicated to the cause of providing quality & affordable education and to tap the great potential in this sector. The College is equipped with complete infrastructure and has a dedicated team of faculty and reputed hospital attachments.

I am sure you would realise the dream of making India in general and Narasaraopet in particular a global health care provides, by maintaing world class standards in Nursing care which is backbone to the health care sector.

I wish you all the success in all your endeavours.


P.N.C.&K.R. COLLEGE OF NURSING believes that

The nursing education provided will prepare the nurses to assume responsibilities at the primary, secondary and tertiary level.

Nursing education and skills are based on scientific principles and it restores normal life functions, assesses patient's physical, emotional state and formulates and implements plan for better care.

Analytical approach to solution of problems in Nursing care helps to develop cognitive, affective and psychomotor competence.

Knowledge requires continuous progress and proper learning processes and free environment.

The graduate Nurse can function as a Generalist. Works independently to deliver healthcare to the individual, families and community at large.

The graduate Nurse works as a change agent. He/She is responsible, self directed, knowledgeable and creative person with stable emotions.

Objectives of P.N.C. & K.R. College of Nursing:

Provide high standards of Nursing education by adopting holistic approach.

Provide education based on scientific principles state of the art technology and expertise at optimum cost ensuring value for money.

Carry out continuous upgradation of technology and human resource development activities in congenial and safe environment.

Promote health, prevent illness, do early diagnosis, provide early treatment, enable to refer cases and help in rehabilitation.

Develop knowledge, skills, attitude in giving comprehensive care to the clients who manifest physical, social and mental conditions.

Demonstrate competence in Nursing skills, techniques and participates, cooperates and co-ordinates as a member of health team in promotionm prevention and restoration of health.

Develop a sense of commitment.

Develop skills in teaching formally and informally in the class-room setting, in clinical area and in the communicty field. Demonstrate managerial skills and communication skills.

Develop and demonstrate benevolent leadership qualities of integrity, responsibility, understanding and take right decisions in various situations.

Practice ethical values in personal and professional life.

91 7674059911